Amplify your music worldwide.

Join forces with our partners to extend the reach of your music and connect with a global audience across multiple platforms. With our expertise and network, we ensure that your music reaches every corner of the world and maximizes its profit potential.

As a leading music dis­tri­b­u­tion company and top-ranked video network, The Orchard has local reps in 45 global markets. From digital retailers and physical stores to performance rights societies, our partnerships help amplify your reach and revenue across multiple business verticals.

Operating from the distribution centre in Wallingford since 1990, with five warehouses and office buildings, Plastic Head is one of only a few UK independent distributors to own its own premises. This means we can offer label clients a secure, cost effective and efficient service, enabling us to meet their specific requirements. With our enthusiastic, hard-working and hands-on approach we can ensure we have the means to get your goods to market.

Independent distribution company AMPED™ is making major waves with significant repertoire and even more impressive sales. As artists and labels of all sizes look for new and innovative ways to distribute product, AMPED™ rolled out to offer an alternative distribution system that is having impressive results. AMPED™ has dramatically expanded its labels reach, not only to retailers large and small, but also directly to consumers. AMPED™ opens up thousands of new avenues for labels and artists to bypass methods used by other distributors and work directly with the largest sales force of any distributor. Simply put, AMPED’s™ unique expertise and execution enables its distributed artists and labels to reach music fans and consumers directly and easily, while being able to have comprehensive coverage with AMPED’s™ retailers large and small; including non-traditional accounts like Urban Outfitters and Guitar Center.

Beyond its classic role as an independent music company dedicated to artist development, Membran offers services to artists, labels and managers, to enable them to release, promote and distribute their content easily and effectively into the global music marketplace as a turnkey solution.

Welcome to AustroVinyl, Austria’s premier destination for handcrafted vinyl records. Situated in the picturesque region of Fehring, southeastern Styria, AustroVinyl operates the country’s first and currently only record press. The company blends tradition and innovation to bring you an exceptional vinyl production experience. From a state-of-the-art proprietary mastering studio to a cutting-edge automated vinyl press, AustroVinyl takes pride in delivering the highest quality records with remarkable efficiency.